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Welcome to Yee Ha Line Dance Duds

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Burr...It's Cold Outside

But The Deals Inside are "HOT"

Your gonna love our great selections and our great prices.  Yee Ha Line Dance Duds is The Place to find all your special Gifts. You'll also find some gifts for "YOURSELF". We are your online "One Stop  Shopping" store. This is the perfect place for you to find that  "something special" you've been looking for.  While you're here you'll be sure to find all of your "Gotta Have"  Accessories for any coccasion.  You're sure to find something for that Special Event or just a fun day of dancing.  If you are looking for western footwear for Line Dancing, or Square Dancing, or just a night on the town.  This is the store to find it all.

You will also find western style shirts and a Beautiful array of fashionable rhinestone shirt  that are full of bling.  We offer a big assortment of lovely designs both dance and every day wear.  You will love our variety of colors and styles. We offer crew neck and square neck styles as well as the traditional crew neck shirts.

We also sell RHINESTONE DECALS if you would like to try your hand a t blinging your own shirt.

Come on in for a visit.  You'll be glad you did!


Check out all of our New Items.  We've added some new shirt designs, new jewelry, belts, etc..

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Happy shopping!

Keep Smiling! It's Contagious! 

And Just Dance!


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Our Store Was Established in 2008 And We Have a 100% Customer Satisfaction Rating...

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